Herbert Roberts

  • Three Simple Steps for Using an Online Business Directory

    If you are looking for a new advertising approach for your growing company, you should consider using online business directories. Listing your enterprise will provide you with more exposure and improve brand recognition. Also, there will be increased online traffic to your website and your search engine rankings will improve. In addition, this marketing method is inexpensive and will give your business a more professional look. If you are new to online directories, utilise the simple steps outlined below to get the best results.
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  • Guidance for Marketing Your Business Online Successfully

    All over Kenya, more and more businesses are looking to promote themselves on the internet, largely because almost 90 per cent of the population now uses it. Of course, many of the same rules apply to Kenyan businesses when it comes to online marketing activities as they do elsewhere in the world. The big difference is, perhaps, that some Kenyan enterprises have yet to fully engage with the local aspects of online marketing which can be so beneficial to them.
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